Multi-million pound e-commerce, spanning eight digital platforms

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Future Platforms are proud to have a 10-year history of success with Domino’s Pizza across all digital channels. Domino’s Pizza identified that mobile could become a core sales channel, and appointed Future Platforms as their development partner to manage the progression of all Domino’s Pizza mobile apps. Prior to 2012, Domino’s Pizza’s apps on iPhone and Android were not delivering the expected sales results, so Future Platforms were tasked with redesigning the mobile technical platforms, user experience, look, and feel of the Domino’s Pizza apps to get the most out of the mobile sales channel.

Customers who shop online have a higher rate of conversion, buy from us more frequently, spend more per visit, hold the brand in high regard, and are less costly for our franchisees to serve. The rapid progress we have made in e-commerce means that we are already the clear leader amongst quick-service restaurant operators in digital.

David Wild - CEO, Domino's Pizza Group


To enhance the current Domino’s Pizza apps, we turned our attention to aligning the mobile channel with a fully integrated multichannel experience, providing a consistent level of service across all platforms. Using Kirin, an award-winning cross-platform app development tool created in-house at Future Platforms, we successfully aligned functionality across all platforms to ensure that the user experience remains consistent. Kirin centralises business and app logic when developing the apps, making it easier to build and ensure cost efficiency. We also wanted to provide a customer centric feel to the app, allowing users to order their pizza as quickly as possible, with maximum ease. Our strong working relationship with the Domino’s development team in integrating the front and back end services, ensures that all of the apps can efficiently cope with a complex franchise business model.

Since 2012, we have built apps for Domino’s Pizza spanning all major operating systems, and within a two year period have released apps across Windows Phone, Windows 8 tablet, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phone and Xbox One. Customers are able to take advantage of a seamless, multi-platform experience, which also allows for one-touch ordering following the introduction of Easy Order.

Easy Order demonstrates our shift from a business that performs well as an e-commerce player to a business thinking digitally at its core. We communicate with our customers as a digital business that happens to sell a tangible product, so many of our initiatives are about creating genuinely new digital products.

Nick Dutch - Head of Digital, Domino's Pizza UK


More than 16 million people have now downloaded a version of the Domino’s Pizza app, with 5 million of those downloads occurring during 2014. A clear indication of the scale of the project we are working on, download figures of this size speak volumes about how successful, robust, reliable and well maintained this suite of apps continues to be. In 2015, the Domino’s Pizza app won Most Effective Smartphone App at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards in London. Then, in 2016, the apps won the prestigious and much-coveted Chairman’s Award at The Drum MOMAs.

The company’s unwavering commitment to mobile and digital throughout our time working together generated record sales and profits in 2014 and 2015. As of 2017, e-commerce now accounts for 74% of all delivered sales, with the Domino’s Pizza apps now facilitating over half of those orders.

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